First Post

This is my firs blog post. Ever.

Honestly, I'm not really a writer. Certainly not a clever one. I mean as a programmer, I know how to write beautify code but when it comes to real writing, the most I've ever done was for general education classes back in college. And yeah, it was a joke.

That's why I want to start this blog, somewhere i can practice writing. I'll be writing freely. I would write about the things I think about, things that inspire me (and hopefully that could inspire you), problems I recognize around me, and ideas that I have came up with for those issues. I don't necessarily intend on showing this to the entire world. Though it is public, it feels almost like writing in a diary. Hopefully, many years later, when I look at this post again, I would realize how much I have improved in writing.

Besides practice writing, a big motivation for this blog is to create my own platform for documenting my technical thoughts, ideas and work. This is technically a tech blog. I'm sure you know this unfortunate feeling - how, looking back, so many things you've done or have thought of disappeared in time, leaving no trace and meaning. I want to preserve them, taking snapshots of whatever I have done and I want to share them with anyone whom would potentially find them useful.

Right now, there are already a couple things that come to my mind that I want to write about - my past hackathon projects, freelancing projects, and random hacks that I enjoyed doing. The biggest among them has to be DoubleDibz, a social network for connecting buyers and sellers in private communities (Yes, similar to Facebook's for sale groups).

Doubledibz is by far the biggest project that I undertook and I have learned the most from. For the next couple weeks months, I want to write about our technical journey in making this application. I want to share with you guys all the twist and turns, and steps that we have taken to make a semi serious web application. Topics I have in mind include but not limited to server configuration, nginx setup, server scaling, db migration, setting up async batch jobs, and creating a beautifully dynamic frontend app. I haven't touched the code in almost 8 months (which means I don't remember a thing...), but I intend to go back to the code base and figure out anything valuable that I can leave behind to the community.

Stay tuned.